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11 years of professional humidity cards, desiccants and other manufacturers, professional engineering and technical research and development personnel, many years of industry experience, a modern industrial plant.
Obtained ISO quality system certificate, SGS test report, ROHS2.0 test report, Halogen detection report and hexabromocyclododecane detection report.
Desiccants do not contain DMF, comply with EU RoHS environmental protection directive and REACH regulations.
Optimizing the green environmental protection material, it can quickly and completely degrade in nature after discarding.
Perfect monitoring system to ensure quality
Adequate production capacity to ensure delivery.
Professional transportation team to ensure delivery

Suzhou Huayan Humidity Card Co., Ltd., established in 2008, specializes in the production of various specifications of humidity indicator cards (HICs), various environment-friendly desiccants (bulk desiccant), moisture-proof and rust-proof packaging products like aluminum foil bags, anti-static shielding bags and others. The R&D, production, sales and after service of Huayan products are consolidated into a moisture-proof solution to serve customers in a better and more convenient way. The company is in conformity with ISO9001 Quality Management System Standard, and the products comply with the quality requirements of the EU RoHS directive, REACH and DMF-free test reports. 


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Desiccant packaging machine
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Address: No 100,Xinzhenqin Industrial Park, Mingda Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City,
Jiangsu Province, China. Tel: 0512-55001459 Fax: 0512-55001469 Mobile Phone: 15951106159
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